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Operating in a truly global market place - technology helps push the frontiers

It is not so long ago that recruitment agencies really only operated in geographically local areas. Those agencies that had multiple UK offices could, if they worked together, offer national coverage to those candidates who were willing to travel or relocate.  However, a local agency offering true global reach was rare and the ability to source willing candidates, suitable for positions dotted around the world, was even rarer.

Short tips; How To Write The Perfect Resume

More often than not, your resume is the first impression that you'll make on a potential employer. Here's some ideas on how to present yourself clearly and professionally. It is worth noting that each recruiter's idea of a 'perfect' resume will be slightly different. Nonetheless, your resume will in most cases, be the 'thing' that gets seen first. Remember, a poorly constructed resume can give an immediate negative impression, and perhaps prevent you from securing that all important interview - so it's worth spending some time to get it right from the start.

What matters when relocating to Dubai

Tangent Independent Survey
Any current study of social demographics will highlight how skilled labour is now more mobile than at any time in history. This increased mobility has come about as a direct result of improved international transport and communication links. In the modern age we are able to ‘broadcast’ a vacancy internationally in a matter of minutes, and once a candidate has been selected, relocate them with relative ease.

How to attract the top talent

It is becoming increasingly hard to attract the very best talent across all sectors and industries around the world, but particularly within IT, Telecommunications, HR & Finance. In a recent CIPD survey of all major HR professionals 82% reported difficulties in filling vacancies across all sectors.

HKT has announced the commercial launch of VoLTE service

HKT has announced the commercial launch of VoLTE service, which is now available on Samsung Note 3 LTE smartphones. HKT group MT Alex Arena said at a press conference that HKT is the first operator in Hong Kong to offer VoLTE to 4G customers. Previously consumers could use 4G for data, but had to move to 3G for voice. “Consumers can now have a seamless experience for data and voice on 4G, which enables faster voice call set up and higher video and sound quality.”

SingTel to launch VoLTE next week

SingTel will at the end of the month launch what it is billing as the first VoLTE service to offer the full suite of telephony features. The company's 4G ClearVoice service will be available from May 31 to postpaid 4G subscribers at no extra cost.

SingTel said it will offer functions including call waiting and forwarding, as well as SRVCC fallback to 3G and clearer voice calls compared to conventional mobile services. The 4G ClearVoice service will initially be made available on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and will be rolled out to new handset models in the coming months. Ericsson has meanwhile provided equipment for the rollout. “As the first full-featured VoLTE service in the world, 4G ClearVoice is a true breakthrough in the mobile industry,” SingTel vice president of consumer marketing Johan Buse asserted.

Big opportunity for Southeast Asia IT industry

Southeast Asia is quickly catching up with worldwide advances in information technology, and enjoys strong growth and development in that sector. Despite its late start in the global economic race, Southeast Asia is now considered to have one of the world’s fastest growth rates, with an average GDP of more than 6% over the past decade.

Accelerated growth in Permanent jobs reveals true evidence of a sustainable recovery

Here in the UK new permanent jobs are growing faster than temporary or contract vacancies as confidence continues to grow amongst UK employers

To date in 2014, permanent jobs available have grown by 23% compared with average figures compiled for 2013. Equally temporary & contract positions have also risen by 13% on a like for like basis.  When breaking it down from a sector perspective the ever strong Technology division continues to remain buoyant with notable gains in the core markets of iGaming and IT.  Most encouraging for recovery purposes however are the significant up turns in markets such as Construction & Property, Manufacturing and Engineering all of which have seen a rise of 60% or more in job registrations compared to this time last year and are pleasingly not just limited to the South East. Every region of the UK is currently experiencing a marked rise in new permanent positions since the turn of the year which is ultimately providing the widest choice of vacancies available at any time in the last 5 years.